Pilates based Personal Training and Physical Therapy

pilates in Mint Hill, NC

We are Vital Movement Pilates, LLC in Mint Hill, NC.  We offer Pilates based Personal Training and Physical Therapy services from our Pilates studio in Mint Hill, NC.  After an assessment we will start wherever YOU need and create a program to work toward your goals whether returning to fitness after surgery or injury, improving your fitness level or athletic ability, or preventing injury and living a healthier and more active life.​

Cindi has additional training and experience in:

Postural Restoration                                           Neurokinetic Therapy            Safe Spine Mechanics

Anatomy Trains/Fascial Lines                          Scoliosis Treatment                Injury Prevention

Kinesiology Taping/Rocktape                           Neurological Rehab                Postural Assessment

Neuromuscular Re-Education                          Athletic Performance and Enhancement        

Pre- and Post Natal                                             Bodybuilding                              

Pilates in Mint Hill                                                                            Personal Training in Mint Hill